Advantages of Buying Used/ Refurbished

We've been providing ground support for over 9-years so we know what the real advantage of buying used is.

Price — Comparing apples to apples, any used/ refurbished item is going to be less expensive than its "NEWER" counterpart. The relative advantage of buying at the used price can also allow a buyer to step up to a nicer model.

Depreciation — All items tend to lose value with each passing month, mile, and hour, but the steepest decline happens right away; some new items can lose 40-percent or more of their value in the first year. With a used purchase, there’s no depreciation the second you claim ownership.

Luckily Global GSE is here to give you a great price with lots of value!

MB-4 aircraft pushback tugs

We have just received a shipment of 22 MB-4 pushback tractors. These units were recently fully refurbished by the military prior to disposal. As such they are in excellent low mileage condition.

These aircraft pushback tractors were manufactured by both Wollard and Eagle Tugs. Both types offer 4 wheel steer and 4 wheel drive. Call now for further details.

CFM56-3 Engines Wanted

We are currently looking to purchase CFM56-3 engines, both serviceable and un-serviceable. Please contact us by phone or email to discuss.

Over 20 CFM56-3 Engines available

We have more than 20 CFM56-3 engines available right now for immediate sale or lease. Please contact us with your requirements.

FMC Expediter 160 Towbarless tug now in stock

We now have two FMC 160 Towbarless tow tractors in stock. Please Click here for more details : FMC Expediter 160 Tow Tractor

European Aviation Sign Deal with Lockheed Martin

MONTREAL, Oct. 7, 2014 – European Aviation has signed a four-year exclusive agreement with Lockheed Martin Commercial Engine Solutions [NYSE: LMT] for jet engine maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for their fleet of CFM56-3 jet engines. The agreement includes extensive CFM56-3 turbofan repair services provided on-site for European Aviation, with most of the MRO work performed in Montreal, Canada and the remainder in San Antonio, Texas

Propane baggage tractors/Tugs

We have over 15 propane bag tugs in stock and ready to ship with various Draw Bar Pulls.

18 Catering Trucks in stock

We have taken delivery of a large number of Ford F600 and F800 airport catering trucks.

These are now for sale and can be found in the products section under Catering Trucks.

Wollard F350 Aircraft Boarding Stairs

JUST IN ! We have in stock 2 2008 model Ford F350 trucks mounted with Wollard Passenger boarding steps. We also have numerous other Aircraft boarding stairs in stock. Please see our Product listing for full details.

Aircraft heaters and de-icers.

We have a large stock of aircraft heaters and aircraft de-icing equipment in stock, please call for details.


We now have Potable water Trucks and Carts in stock. Please call for further details


We have 3 Charlatte electric Lav carts in stock. Pleas call for details

Tug M3A-35 Electric Baggage Tractor

Just arrived - 16 Tug M3A-35 electric baggage tractors in stock with chargers!

Just Arrived: 3 High Reach Catering Trucks

We now have 3 high reach catering trucks in stock, please call for further details.

FMC Trump 2000 Deicer

Just Arrived! We have an FMC Trump model 2000 aircraft deicer mounted on a Ford chassis. Please see the De-icers section for further details

40K Military Cargo Loader

We have in stock a 40K Military Cargo Loader, as well as numerous 25K Military Cargo Loaders. Please see the Military Ground Support Equipment section

Aircraft Passenger Stairs

We now have several Aircraft Passenger Stairs in stock,Please call for details.


We have just taken into stock 2 CFM 56 Engine stands in excellent condition. Please call for further details


GlobalGSE continues to be one of the largest stockholders of used ground support equipment in the USA. We have over 1600 units in stock including pushback tractors, bag tugs, GPU'S, aircraft heaters, etc